Статистика брокерского обслуживания в России год

Статистика брокерских счетов


    статистика брокерских счетов

    Giannone, J. Henry, M.

    статистика брокерских счетов

    Lalik and M. Modugno January It contains indicators published in the MoBu, however, it focuses mainly on raw series mainly indexes, levels and absolute values instead of derived values annual percentage changes which were actually reported. Users are expected to perform relevant calculations to derive transformed data by using a software of their choice.

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    However, for selected 38 variables the vintages were статистика статистика брокерских счетов счетов back to but are made available in CSV format only see Dissemination pane. It should be noted that the technology behind storage databases has evolved over the time and that the quality of early vintages might be in some cases lower due to the lack of good electronic sources available at that time.

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    The quality of these vintages should not be in any case related to the quality of the Статистика брокерских счетов itself as the proof reading of the later always ensures the accuracy of numbers published. For example, the data on GDP at constant prices were replaced by chain indices in November The dataset reflects this fact as a revision to the GDP series.

    When using euro area data one should also be particularly aware of a specific definition of the euro area applied.

    статистика брокерских счетов

    A detailed explanation of various euro area compositions can be found in General Notes of the MoBu. Bearing in mind all these limitations, the dataset should be used for research purposes only and the time series included should not be treated as reference статистика брокерских счетов. For most up to date indicators users should refer to other sections of the SDW.

    статистика брокерских счетов